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The right vaccinations will help protect your Bulldog's health however unnecessary vaccinations can DAMAGE your Bulldog's health.

                         VACCINATING YOUR BULLDOG PUPPY

The vaccination of puppies (puppy shots) is one of the crucial steps in assuring your Bulldog puppy will have a healthy and happy puppyhood. A newborn bulldog puppy is not naturally immune to diseases. However, it does have some antibody protection. The length and timing of the window of susceptibility is different in every Bulldog litter, and even between individual puppies in the litter. At six weeks of age, 25% of puppies could be immunized. At 9-10 weeks of age, 40% of puppies are able to respond to the vaccine. The number increased to 60% by 16 weeks of age, and by 18 weeks, 95% of the puppies were protected by the vaccine.This is why we complete puppy vaccinations in 3 stages 1st set and 2nd and 3rd boosters with Rabies given with the 3rd set of boosters.

                         Bulldog Puppy Vaccination Schedule

(All our Bulldog puppies go to their new homes fully up to date on ALL Vaccinations, weather it be 1st set or all 3 sets and Rabies depending on their age)

6-8 weeks Vaccination  DHPP (1st) distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, parvovirus

8-10 weeks Combination vaccine - DHPP  (2nd)  without leptospirosis.(We DO NOT RECOMMEND EVER GIVING BULLDOGS THE LEPTO VACCINATION)

12-16 Vaccination - DHPP (3rd) plus Rabies

We HIGHLY recommend De-Worming your puppy with SafeGuard (Panacur) every 2-3 weeks until all puppy vaccinations are completed and then once or twice yearly, every year!

Young puppies are also susceptible to developing Diarrhea from stress of moving as well as bacterial infections such as Giardia, Trichomonas and Balantidium coli. Such infections can be treated quickly and effectively with anti-diarrheal and bacterial medication called Metronidazole liquid or tabs ir can be cleared up in 7-10 days and should be treated quickly.  If you notice Diarrhea and or blood in your puppies stools they should be treated right away with Metronidazole which you can have a prescribed from your Veterinarian.

                                       YEARLY VACCINATIONS

Once All your Puppy Vaccinations are completed many vets will want you to give yearly vaccinations, it's in our Bulldogs interest to let our clients know the facts about over vaccinating their Bulldogs.


Definitely longer than a year!

According to the top pet immunologist (aka vaccine expert) in the world, Dr. Ronald Schultz, Ph.D. – “ Annual re vaccination provides no benefit and may increase the risk for adverse reactions.”

What are adverse reactions (or side effects)?

Well according to the other rock star pet immunologist Dr. Jean Dodds:

“Side effects from dog vaccinations can occur anywhere from instantly up to several weeks or months later. Vaccines can even cause susceptibility to chronic diseases that appear much later in a dog’s life.

Severe and fatal adverse reactions include:

•Susceptibility to infections.

•Neurological disorders and encephalitis.

•Aberrant behavior, including unprovoked aggression.

•Vaccines are linked to seizures. Distemper, parvovirus, rabies and, presumably, other vaccines have been linked with poly neuropathy, a nerve disease that involves inflammation of several nerves.

We know for FACT Bulldogs of ours who have received the Leptospirosis have developed Septic Arthritis of the joints in the past and this is why WE DO NOT recommend this vaccine ever to our Bulldren.

According to the recommendations of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), (basically the dudes who set the standards for the vets): “Among healthy dogs, all commercially available [core] vaccines are expected to induce a sustained protective immune response lasting at least 5 yr. thereafter”

Here’s the breakdown of the core vaccines from Dr. Ronald Schultz:

Minimum Duration of Immunity for Canine Vaccines:

Distemper- 7 years by challenge
Parvovirus – 7 years by challenge
Adenovirus – 7 years by challenge
Canine rabies – 3 years by challenge

The moral of the story here, if you have no idea when your bulldog is due or has been vaccinated, then just run a titer test and this will confirm if you are due, rather than over-vaccinate your bully which can set the stage for future problems!

What’s a titer test?

A titer test (pronounced tight-errr) is a laboratory or in-house veterinary test measuring the existence and level of antibodies (necessary to fight off disease) in your bullies blood. Basically, it’s a test that will tell you whether or not you actually need to vaccinate your Bulldog.

It’s also super useful when making a decision about vaccinating with an unknown vaccination history, or for determining if your Bulldog has received immunity from vaccination.

Vaccinating your BULLDOG is very important so don’t lose the overall message here: VACCINATE, JUST DON’T OVER-VACCINATE!