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              "Bulldogs are like Potato Chips you can't just have one"

This really is a very true statement!  If you are enjoying spending time with your bulldog companion, then there is no doubt that a second bulldog can enhance that experience. Many of our Bulldog families are adding second and even third Bulldogs to their homes and below you will find some common questions we are asked answered in regards to adding to your Bulldog Family.


                             Below is Clash with his Big Sister

                                         MALE OR FEMALE ?

One of the most common question's we are asked is what Sex would get along best with our Bulldog we currently have?   If you have a Male we highly suggest a Female Companion!  This is due to the Dominance problems that can occur when your male puppy matures and not even neutering your males will help these problems if they are not going to get along they simply won't and it's always a risk owning 2 Males Bulldogs together. Yes, they may work things out in the beginning but the dogs will likely go to battle in six months, a year, two years or more when the dogs determine it’s time to change the pack order. The risk is there for the dogs entire lives. When two Males live together, they are required to decide which one will be the top dog and which one will be the bottom dog. The ‘decision making’ can become nasty and even violent.  The ultimate pecking order can have an undesirable effect on both of the dog’s personalities one of the dogs can become dominant to an unhealthy degree and the other can be pushed so far into submission that it’s not good for him. 

You have to remember It's all fun and games when they're puppies but once that little puppy matures then the problems begin and we don't want any family to go through the hardship of having to give up one of their beloved Bulldren due to Dominance problems and this is an unyielding stressful set of circumstances for the entire household to go through and we have seen it happen and taken some of our babies back due to this very reason. 

Now this being said it is not a hard and fast rule 2 male dogs can never live harmoniously together but being knowledgeable about your role as Alpha and how Pack Leadership works is very important in owning 2 Male Bulldogs under the same roof.  Every dog needs a leader to listen to and adore. Without this leader, a dog will feel lost and unstructured. If you do not take the role of alpha, your Bulldog will be forced to take the role himself.

If you own a Female adding either a Male or Female would work Great for you!  Females generally on the whole get along very well and round out the pack nicely we have never had any issues with our girls they all get along just wonderful and are great company for one another and we have had many families add a second female Bulldog without any problems.  Having a Male and Female is also the same they get along very well often becoming very bonded and inseparable.


Bulldogs are very sociable pack animals and it can be a great experience for you and them to add a second addition.   Once you have determined you are adding to the household and you know the Sex of the puppy you want then becomes the Timing question!  Generally we suggest if you are going to add a new addition to do so within 1-3 years your current Bulldog will still be young enough to develop a relationship and tolerate the antics of a young puppy.  Adding a Second addition to a household with a trained dog can also be quite helpful as the young puppy will watch and learn from the first dog and it is always much easier training a second addition than your first due to this very reason being they will follow and learn from the trained dog.

Companionship is also one of the main things that people think of when they are considering getting a second bulldog.  Companionship for their Bulldog who may be lonely for someone to play with, sleep with, and socialize with. This can be an especially important consideration if your bulldog is forced to spend a lot of time home alone each day. With another bulldog around to keep him/her company, instead of staring fitfully at the door for hours waiting for someone to come home, he/she may be so busy their new friend and may not even notice when you come in through the door, but be ready when both of the dogs notice you are home for lots of bully loving.

Some Families will also consider a new puppy to revitalized their older dog and feel he/she will actually live longer, if you bring a younger dog into the family. In our experience, whether this is true depends on the dog and the family. Most older Bulldogs don't like change, and some just won't adjust to having another dog around. Others can adjust just fine, provided the new puppy is introduced properly and the old dog's position as "top dog" is maintained. This will require careful supervision. Some people feel better about facing the loss of a dog if they have another companion already in place and I think that is probably true for a lot of people, but not necessarily for all. If that's true for you, just be sure the new Bulldog puppy does not create a stressful situation for your senior Bulldog or other Breed.

           Is it a good idea to get another dog right after your senior passes?

This is a very personal issue. Many people find life is just not full enough without a bulldog (or dog/s) at their side. Others feel that they need some recovery time, especially after dealing with their dog's prolonged or difficult illness. Still others feel that the best tribute they can pay to their beloved dog is to adopt another immediately. If it is a family decision to make, be sure all parties agree.

                                    OTHER THINGS TO CONSIDER

Everyone in the household should be on the same page in regards to a new puppy and be ready to accept a new dog into the family as we well as the extra responsibilities that come along with owning a second dog such as, the extra vet bills and medicine (including tick and flea prevention) plus the heart worm testing each year X2, the extra grooming costs, extra food, toys, leashes, collars, beds, boarding when you travel. All of these costs double when you add a second dog.

                                          THE FINAL VERDICT

After considering all the Pro's and Con's of adding a new addition and knowing it is the right time to add to your family In almost every instance, two bulldogs can be brought up together in peace and harmony and we have many families with 2 or more Bulldogs in their household and would not have it any other way.  Anymore questions or concerns in regards to adding a second addition please do not hesitate to contact us, I am sure overtime I will try to add as much information as possible to this page.