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Here is a collection of pictures of our beautiful past puppies.  Please visit our testimonials page for pictures of our puppies All Grown Up and comments from families who have purchased a Victory Bulldog.  If you have a Victory puppy please send us in your pictures and we will display them on the website.

     SUMMER 2014 French Bulldogs Coconut and Twizler with Daddy

                                  Kaluah with Littermates

                                       Cookie and littermates

                                       Stark and Khalessi

                                Stark With some Vito Pups

                                       Adonis and Baby Bab

                     French Bulldog Puppies Lollipop X Robbie

                                     CH Vito X Luna Pups

                                    Summer CH Vito Pups

                                CH Kevin and CH Vito Pups

                          CH Rock X Cherry Pups Born Sep 12/14

                           Champion Vito Pupa Born Summer 214

                            Monkey and Milo 2014 Summer pups

                                        Champion Vito Pups

                             Champion Kevin Pups Winter 2014

                    TATA Going to Vancouver B.C with Johnny

               Spud Living with Kim a Criminal Lawyer in Toronto


                           UNA Living in Newfoundland with Corey

                           London X Rodney Litter Aug 2nd 2013

                          Domino Now Living in Toronto with Aras

                      ONYX Living in Toronto with the Lende Family

                         DOVE Living in Chicago with the Sullivan Family

                     LUNA X RODNEY LITTER BORN JUNE 29th 2013

                   Victory's Miss Whitney, Staying at Victory Bulldogs

   Victory's Little Vive Living with her brother Otis in Ottawa with the Halliday's

               Victory's Carlton Living in St, Johns now known as Manchester

             Victory's Jazzy (Tribrows) Living with Nathan in North Bay

Stella Living with Dr Renee Flemming, Guelph Animal Hospital and Bulldog Specialist

BLAKEY Living with Grant Point in Calgary, Alberta, Another Loving Hockey Family! His Son Brayden Point who chose Blakey plays in WHL.  We wish him much luck in the future with the NHL :)

         Victory's Fearless Warrior Benny is Loved By Chris in Waterloo

                          FIDDY Living with Olga and Cary in Alberta

  Victory's Lion Heart Bernard is Loved By Andrew and Margaret in St Catherine's

                 Slater Lives in Queensland with Scott & Barb!

            Patch is Loved By NHL Washington Capitals ERSKINE Family

               Victory's Blue Sapphire Living with Taneal in Saskatchewan

                  Victory's Utterly Butterly Living with Brian in B.C

                       Victory's Clover Living with Ian in Alberta

          Victory's Royal Brittania Living with Alina in Halifax Nova Scotia


 Panda Bear Jr now known as Adele Living with the Thomas's and Deputy Dexter

   Dougie Now known as Moose living with Danny Syvret of NHL Philly Flyers 

                                  Males out of King Rodney

                  SILVESTER Living with the Hulme Family in Windsor


                          TJ Lives with us here at Victory Bulldogs

                        BROOKLYN Living with Hannah in USA

                          BADGER Living with Marty in the USA

                          STALLONE Living with Ryan in Alberta

                              ROOK Living with Greg and Susan in Ontario

                                  Past Rodney Females

                         BRANDY Living with Ailison in Holland

                  BREE Living with Carol and William in Loretto Ont

                            BRIDGET Living with Ailison in Holland

               Montreal Canadians Brandon Prust and Victory's LOLA

                          Marmetta Living in Belleville Ontario

  Poptart living with Tammy in North Bay her 3rd frenchie from Victory Bulldogs

                          Murray Living with Greg in London

                            Sally Living with Joanne in London

                            ICE Living in Toronto With Tyler

                  FIRTH Living with his Brother Franklin in Toronto

                            PJ Living with Mia in London Ontario

                                       Willow Living in Toronto

                                            Nero Sired Litter

                TIMBER is living with Lawrance and Shari in Hamilton

                      RONA Living with cynthia and Fernando in Toronto

                                 Oake Living with Brian in Toronto

                                Phillipe living with Jane in Ottawa

                            Melody living with Allison in Newfoundland

              Peneople Living with Michelle and Basil in Newfoundland

   Pierre Living with Cindy in Toronto her second French baby from Victory Bulldogs

                        MINNIE Living with Elise and Alen in Oakville

                           Solow Living in Sunny California with Ed

                      Pandy Living with Dan and Meg in Stratford Ontario

                                 MR MISCHIEF Living with Teri in Camberidge

                          ANDY Living with rowena in London

         Winnie living in B.C with Sharon her second bully from Victory

                             MR Bump Living in B.C with Levi

                         Royce living in North Bay with Ryan

                        Mr Topsy Turvy Living in Toronto with Letitia

                           Mr Cheeky Living with Crystal in Quebec

                    Mr Tickle Living with the Poutney Family in London

    Ripple Living with Alana in NewFoundland Their Second baby from Victory

                             Onslow living with Skye in Toronto!

                                 Bullet Living with Dr Toor in Toronto

      Harriet Living with Scott, Jennifer and their family in London ontario.                   

                      Ferdinand living with Actor Greg Bryk and his family

                                       Clipper Living with Maxine in Caledon


                                           Living with Doug in Brockville

                            Clika Sold to Jolene in New York

                               Carlos living with Gina in Innerkip

                             Carla Living with Tammy in North Bay

                              Celena Living with Tammy in North Bay

 Cody Now "Decker" Living with two Opp Officers in Barrie Barbara and David

                        CANDY Living with John in Miami Florida

                           CHYNA Living with Dayna in Toronto Ont

                            ZACK Living with Andrew in London, Ont


                                       SPICE Living with Nola in Toronto

                                          ROARY Sold to Luca in Quebec

                                        DOLCE Sold to Caroleen in B.C

                          ROBBIE Sold to Danielle and John in Grafton

                     HUGO Living with Bryce in Sute Ste Marie Ont

                     Diesel Living with Jeff and Melana in Bratford Ont

                      Armani now living with Brent in Kingston Ont

    Merlin chocolate French Bulldog Living with Jeramy and Lisa Ajax Ont

                        PUMPKIN Sold to Brad and Sue in Toronto

               MAGIC Chocolate Male Living in BC with Gord and Andrea

                           MOON Now living with Cindy in Toronto

       Autumn Solid Chocolate Female Living with Barbara in Verginia

                             Frankie Living in Sarnia with Andy

                         Blizzard living with Shannon in St Thomas                                     

                          PJ Living in St Thomas with his new family 

Right is Rock Now living in Newfoundland with his new dad Jeff and on the Left is Clash living in Toronto with his new family.

                     BB Living in Quebec with Mario his second bully from us

                      MAX living with Margaret and Dennis in Toronto

       Charlie Black Brindle Frenchie living in St Thomas with Convey family

         BOA living with Kelly and Aaron Their second Rodney baby from Victory!

                            Coal on the right is living with Debbie in Toronto

                 Cindy Now Keela living with  her new mummy Lisa Reh in Ontario


  JUDY Pictured in the Middle is living in Woodstock with Brenda and Family

             MR PRIMINISTER Going to Vancouver to live with MaryJane

                       MR President living with Shaun in Brampton

    Elaska pictured on the right is now living with the Biederman's in London

                    Chocolate Marco living with the Kennedy's in Toronto


                    NOKA Living with Staci and Kevin in Stoney Creek Ont  

                    Emmit Living in Victoria B.C with Sharon and Family

                                           Elina living with Caelen



                EDDY Very Rare Seal now belongs to Carla in Nova Scotia          

                          RJ  Very Rare Seal Living with Jack in New Branswick

                                          IGOR living with Kim in Quebec

                  PIPPA Now owned by the Boogaard family in Ottawa

                   DUKE Now living with Sarah and Chris in Toronto

                                     SURI now living in Barrie with Cheryl

                              Astor living with Jade in Ontario

                                  Salvatore sold Ashley in Camberidge

                      ANTON Living with Johnathen and Amy in London

                              Marci living in Toronto with Kathy

Jackson is now living with Chris alittle Firefighter Mascott! we hope they enjoy him at the Firehouse as much as we have :-)

                Lily now living with Catherine and William in Missisauga

                         MILEY living in Fort Erie with Lindsay and Shawn

                            RICO living in Toronto with the Stevensons

                         Skittles now living with Oshawa with Diane

                                 ARIZONA Living in Nova Scotia

                              KOLA Living with Kevin in Akawansense                                 

                            Living with Laurie and Mark in Ontario

                            Tony living with the Hartmann family

                              Daisy living in Grand Bed with Zoltan

                                   MARLENE Living with Tom

                                BOYCE living with Ronnie and Ashley

                   ELAINE living with Vickie and Philip in Woodstock          

                          SKIPPER SOLD to Stacy in Calgary Alberta

                    Captin SOLD TO THE ROSS FAMILY in Leamington

                 AURORA Living with Mike and Family in Woodbridge

                       ARAGON sold to Sherry and Brian in London

                          AJAY Living with Chantel in Chicago

                    ABBA Living with Jaquiline in Montreal Quebec

                    KRAMER is now living with Damien is in Windsor

                       KOALA is now loved by Peter in Toronto

                                BOLT living with Shayne in B.C                      


                      Black Jack living with Donny in Niagara Falls

                          JETT sold to Jason and Jen in burlington

                           Living with Jason and family in Windsor

                              Living with Alain and family in Guelph

                                   PAST RODNEY PUPPIES

                 MARYLYN Living with Cindy in Prince George B.C

                                     PAST RODNEY PUPPIES

   MADDIE Living with Fay at Shamrock Bulldogs in B.C their 4th bully from us

                   SUZI now living with Mircea and Karine in Quebec

                        JACK living with linda and John in Hamilton

                           Sally living with Sara in Sarnia ont

                    RUSTY Living with the Riley Family in Uxbridge                            


  Going to live with George and Family at  bulldog safety supplies in Bolton

                         SEAL now living with Shaun in Aurora

                    REDD Now living with Candice and Adam in B.C                          

                    TREZ going to live with Cat and Trent in Alberta

                     Joy's Sisters living in Chicago in a show home

                         JOY Living with Ryan and Jenna in Toronto

                             SONIC Living with Brandi in Brantford



                        SARGE Living with Dave and Family North York

                        ENZO is living with Alana in New Branswick

                         JACK will be staying at Victory Bulldogs

                 BERTIE Now living with Aaron and Kelly in Toronto

SNOWFLAKE was raised and shown by Victory bulldogs until 1 year she obtained 3 CKC points with us handling her in the ring, she is now living in her new home in Hamilton where we hope she wll continue her success in the show ring.  Her sister Wynter is living in Ottawa with her new family.

                               JADE Living with Fay and family in B.C

                             KARL living with Sarah in Toronro

                           FLOPS Living with Zoltan in Grand Bend

                           OBERON Living with Lisa in Kingston

                                  ZAPP living with Lynn in Toronto

                     DYNAMITE Now living with Shaun in Aurora

                   Ramsey now living with Jordan in Sault St Marie

                   PEPSI (right) now living in B.C with  Bobby and Corrine

                           THEO Enjoying his new life in Alberta

                      ANNIE Now living with James in Newfoundland 

         SYLVIA, GLORIA,AVEO and SIENNA Now with their new families

                         ZEUS Now living in Alberta with Nathalie

                    SYLVIA Now living in Toronto with Sandy and family

                        APOLLO now living with Jayne in Bowmanvillie

               Chester now living in Toronto with Harman and Brooklin           

AVEO living in B.C with Gillian, Chris and Buster, Thanks for chosing us to get your second bully baby from.

SHEIBA now living in Prince George with Kristin. Thanks for purchasing your second bully from us.

                                FIFA Now living with John in B.C


Now living with the Elliott family in Toronto. Thanks for purchasing your second bully from us.              

                   BOOMER Now living with Cat and Trent in Alberta

                          ASTRO now living in Toronto with Nicole

                       Rex now living in Toronto with his new family

                 May Flower now living in Prince George with Cindy

                    Bobby now living in Windsor ont with his new family

                         Ziggy Living in Prince George with Kristin

                              Smokey now living in Toronto

                        Malik now lives in London with his new family

                          Bandit now living in Toronto with Paelo

              LILYPIE Now Living with Aimee and Rob in Burlington

                                 LIBBY now Living in Holland

                             LISA Now living in Czech Republic

                                    Belle Living in Kingston



                              Beezley living with Brian and Tracy

                   Victorys TREZ Now living in Springbrook Ontario

                  Victorys UNO living in Ontario with Jan and Drew

                        Victorys Tiny now Living in Germany

                   Victorys Pompey Now living in London Ont

                      Victorys Toffee Now living in St Thomas

       Victorys Treacle now living in Toronto with his wonderful new family

                         Victorys Doze now living in Ontario

                   Victorys Chloe now living in toronto with Alyssa

                          My Beezley now living in Peterborough

               Basket of beautiful bullies from Nala's Litter

              Victory's Orange Aero now living in New branswick

       Victorys Sweet Sapphire now living in Calgary with Nickholas

               Victory's Diamond in the ruff Sold to Nina in Vancouver

      Victory's RUBY Tuesday now living with Karen and family in Saskatchewan

                       Tippex going to live in Florida with the Tanner family 

                             Bengi going to live in Alberta with Kris

                           Channer going to live in Kitchener with Jannet

                              Holly now living with Monique in Toronto

                                 IVY now living in the Netherlands

                                 Buttons now living in Toronto Ontario

                            Crunchy now living at show kennel in spain

                           Goldie now living with Erik and Family in Lindsey

                                SAM now living in Toronto with Thomas

                LALA now living with Trish and Adriano in St Catherines

                              Sweep now living with Shane in Toronto

            Sue Now living with Pam and Dipsy another victory bulldog

                                 Now Living in Springbrook Ont

                       Wynter now living in Ottawa with Jay and Kimberly

                                    Snowflake and her sister Wynter

                               Gabbie Now living with Debbie in Lindsey

                         Roary now living in Altanta with Kristy and Ken

                               Lugger now living with Susan in Toronto

                    Teddy Ruckspin now living with Monica and Kevin

                       Lexy Now living in Uxbridge with Gary and Lisa

                      Tyson Now living with Jen and Lisa in Kitchener

                        Tori Now living in Ottawa with Kim and Ross

                            TIA Now Living in New York with Pam

Victorys own Ollie as a pup

Black Velvet now "Angel" lives in Sarnia.

White Lace lives in Newfoundland

Jack lives in Toronto

Jainie lives in Newfoundland

Jilly lives in Shannonville,ont

Dipsey lives in with his family in Ottawa who recently purchased their second puppy Sue from Victory Bulldogs.

Bosco living in London

Layla living with her new mum and dad in Ontario.

Posh living in port stanley.

Basil lives with Tina in Pickering ontario

Axle/Harley now the new mascott and family member for Harley Davidson,

Tiny resides in Spain at a show kennel who recently purchased their second show puppy from Victory bulldogs.

Benny lives with Purebull bulldogs. Sabbath lives in Oshawa.

Tiko and Tonka brothers living in B.C together with their family.

Posh is living in Port Stanley with her new family.

Champ lives in Palm Springs Florida with smith family.

Earl lives in Ontario

Dickson lives in Manitoba

Sabbath lives in Oshawa.

April Resides with us at Victory Bulldogs.

Anna lives in Carbonear Newfoundland

Abby lives in California and is currently being shown for her AKC Championship..  Update Abby is now AKC Champion!

Annie lives in New York

Ashley lives in Quebec

Tiko resides in B.C with Tonka

Ozzy lives in London, ont

Gabbie lives in London,ont

Jane lives in Surry B.C

Chip now lives in B.C

Puppies from Saba's first litter

Guss lives in London.

Snickers live in Toronto

Mack lives in Manitoba with Mack Trucks Company as their mascot.

Buster lives in London, ont.

Fergie now resides in Orangeville.

Trigger lives in Toronto

Allie lives in Sarnia.

JoJo was our own girl who has since been retired and lives in London.

London lives in Toronto

Zoey Lives in Toronto.

Holly lives in London, Ont

Wiki lives in Hamilton

Jimmy lives in Burlington

Jake lives in Saskatoon.

Mika lives with her new family in Michigan

Axle,Harley at 4 weeks old.

Owen lives in Niagera Falls with his new owner.

"FAT BOY" Now living with the happy family and owners of Harley Davidson Motorcycles.