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If you are interested in one of our beautiful puppies or one of our up-coming litters please take the time to fill out our puppy application below.  You can copy and paste to your email and send back to us at or we are happy to send you the application with microsoft office format. If you prefer to speak with us or come and meet us in person please call us 519-852-9526.  We look forward to hearing from you.


Please tell us about your family lifestyle and make-up, children and work hours.
How many hours in the day will the puppy be left alone.
Do you own other pets, please tell us about your current and past pet ownership.
What is your intent with a puppy bought from Victory Bulldogs, pet,show,breeding.
Have you ever had a litter of puppies.
Who will be the primary care taker of the puppy.
Do you have a in ground pool, if yes is it fully fenced in.
Do you have a fully fenced back Yard.
Have you researched the breed in advance to know this is the breed for you and your family.
Are you familiar with the possible health issues that can arise with the English Bulldog.
Are you aware extreme heat can kill a bulldog and cold can easily give a bulldog pneumonia.
Are you aware many English Bulldogs cannot swim.

Are you looking for a English or French Bulldog?

Is their a puppy on our website you are interested in or a future litter?
Please provide 2 references, vet preferred for one, family,friend,co-worker ect  WE CHECK ALL REFERENCES.
Thank you for your interested in one of our exquisite bully babies