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                                             PUPPY SCAMS

                                           MARCH 28th 2017

*Warning of Caution, Please be very careful of Colombian imported French and English Bulldogs they are coming into Canada by the 100s selling on kijiji for low prices from puppy mills in South America and riddled with health issues, Parvo and no paperwork, we have ample of proof from many upset families also about this coming to us for advice on there puppies health.  We are working close with the Cfia and Cbsa to shut this down but please use extreme caution in the mean time if you are wanting a quality purebred healthy registered pup, *You will get what you pay for* If you have any concerns about these pups or have fallen victim to one of there 100's of puppies coming in monthly from this huge puppy mill operation call Cfia or CBSA in Toronto for all information about all the bulldogs coming in from Columbia, Your Complaints and voices are needed.

                             Please Beware of Fake Yelp Review

There was a fake review place up on a website known as Yelp.  You will see we responded to the comment and had noted it was fake we did not sell this person one of our Bulldogs and had no idea who they were.  The whole complaint contradicted itself saying the person never received papers they paid for which firstly is incorrect we never charge for papers it's illegal Kennel Club rules to charge for them and they always come with our Bullies... But then the complaint then went onto say when they got their pedigree provided by us but their bulldog had no Champion lines which is completely false. The complaint then went on to say how sick their bulldog was etc anyone who knows us will know we ALWAYS take care of our Bulldogs and clients if there ever is a problem and can back that up with full proof and obviously this complaint would not exist if it was true as we care very much about our Bulldren and will do anything for them.

The whole complaint was fraudulently put up by the Yelp company as you will see we tried to defend the complaint stating it was fake they in turn immediately removed it asked us to sign up with them for advertising and if we paid $300.00 they would remove the Negative complaint. This is Extortion and we want to let everyone this is absolutely false and there are many businesses all over the world they are doing the same to and are being sued by. There are many petitions also about this company  So please beware about this untrue comment they made up and hopefully they are shut down soon!

                             ******URGENT PLEASE BEWARE******

This person is a SCAMMER he has stolen our identity/pictures and is impersonating Victory Bulldogs this is Identity Theft.  Please DO NOT contact with this person and DO NOT send any money he does not have any association with us regards of what they might say we Do not know this person!  Again this is NOT us and what he has done is illegal and we are looking into it and how to have this website removed immediately.

There seems to be an increasing number of Classifieds Scams targeting dog lovers.

Much like other advance fee scams this involves the promise of a puppy when all the necessary fees are paid. Adverts are placed in newspapers and the Internet and usually involves someone that has moved or is moving or resides in another country.

Some scam artists use stolen photos in their ads, claiming they are pictures of puppies for sale. Actually, the seller does not have the puppy that he/she is trying to sell. We have started to watermark all our pictures now to try and prevent this from happening.  The seller will ask for money in advance and refer them to a money wiring service such as Western Union or Money Gram. The advance fee in this case, being for the purchase of the puppy, shipping and customs charges. The buyer waits for few days and when they do not receive the puppy attempts to contact the seller, but with no answer.

In order to avoid these types of scams, remember the following general words of advice:

- Know whom you are dealing with - independently confirm your sellers name, address, and telephone number. Ask for References from past puppy buyers!

- Resist pressure to “act now.” If an offer sounds to good to be true it usually is.

- If the buyer wants to use a service you have not heard of, be sure to check it out to be sure it is reliable - check its Web site, call its customer service hotline, and read its terms of agreement and privacy policy. If you do not feel comfortable with the service, do not use it.

- Contact The Canadian Anti-Fraud Center toll free at 1-888-495-8501

                                    PAYING FOR A PUPPY

Please be very carful of breeders who ONLY take Cash as form of payment.  These breeders do not provide gst receipts as they are not government registered breeders so there is no paper trail for your purchase, therefore you have no proof of purchase for you puppy.  Make sure if you are paying CASH you get a written receipt from the breeders with their HST Tax number on the receipt!  Please also be very careful when paying Western Union for a puppy there is no paper trail for such a transaction.

                                  BREEDING AND THE LAW

The Animal Welfare Act (AWA) requires ALL breeding operations to be licensed and Government Registered (revenue Canada) and Pay Tax on dogs sold.  Your breeder should be able to provide you with written receipts and lays out standards for their practices and conditions. "Retail pet stores" are exempt from this law, so some breeders sell directly to the public in order to gain the exemption. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Canadian Food inspection agency (CFIA) is responsible for enforcing the AWA

Many operations are shut down every year, but even more are allowed to continue operating without fines or penalties when inspected and found to be in violation of the law, based on their promise to make improvements, and the lack of officers keeps rechecks to a minimum. Most Puppy Mills are able to continue sale of mass production as long as the dogs have shelter,food and water despite of the poor breeding and mass production practices.

It would seem the government is unable to tackle the problem of puppy mills directly; but in the meantime, the Humane Society of the United States and Canada and hundreds of other animal protection organizations are working to put an end to inhumane breeding practices and mass production puppy mills.

                                           PUPPY MILLS


What Are Puppy Mills? Puppy mills are commercial breeding factories for dogs and are one of the largest sources of dogs sold in pet stores. Looking to turn the greatest profit, these businesses tend to breed indiscriminately for mass production and is their soul income. In the United States and Canada, where dogs are legally considered to be a commodity, the practice is legal, if not very ethical. Puppy mills mass produce puppies for profit. Some have hundreds of dogs, but the average is around 55-75 dogs. Most of these businesses sell the puppies to pet stores, but some sell directly to the public themselves! . These dogs can be registered with AKC and CKC and puppy mills have no limit to how many puppies are procuded by one breeder only there bill is paid for and then they are in good standing with the kennel clubs!  Most puppies are registered under fake parents due to the sheer volume of dogs that are being reproduced!

                              LIFE OF A DOG IN A PUPPY MILL

While there are exceptions, most puppy mills provide their animals with substandard care to keep Humane Society's from taking their dogs, the result of keeping so many dogs in one location. Most dogs are confined to cages or kennels, which don't promote the best sanitary conditions, and they receive little of the socialization that home bred puppies enjoy from their breeders with a family environment. A puppy in a mill is basically neglected until it's time for a sale, frequently living in its own filth. Puppies often have open sores, abscesses and other untreated injuries or genetic defects, and are frequently covered in flies. Overcrowding is the norm, not the exception, and the quality and quantity of food and water available is dubious at best.

Sadly, breeder dogs in these deplorable operations receive little or only nessasary veterinary care and are generally bred until they can produce no more. Sometimes females die trying to deliver that last litter from an overworked uterus. Other breeder dogs are sold or given away for cheap as they can no longer produce for the puppy mill.

                                      HEALTH PROBLEMS

Because they are bred indiscriminately for mass production and profit, the puppies from puppy mills often have severe congenital defects and serious health problems. Many of the genetic health problems do not surface until later in the dog's life. Hip dysplasia and artiritus is very common in dogs that come from poor breeding decisions.
Due to the terrible conditions and lack of human contact, many of these puppies are terrified of people, and after living in their own waste for so long, they can be difficult if not impossible to housetrain.

                               Puppy Mills vs. Backyard Breeders

Although the term "Backyard Breeders" has taken some flack through the years, let's define it correctly. Backyard breeders are generally pet owners who love their animals and enjoy having a couple of litters of puppies each year, which they sell to locals who come in answer to a newspaper or online ad.

While these puppies may not meet the high standards of show breeders, they are generally well socialized and cared for, being raised in the home with the family. Do backyard breeder pups have higher rates of congenital defects and illnesses? It is a possibility, if the owners are not well versed in the hereditary illnesses particular to their breed and if their dogs have never been tested for them. Buyers should do their homework and know what questions to ask. Then they can make an informed decision before they purchase

One thing is obvious, there is a world of difference between backyard breeders and puppy millls.

                           Backyard Breeders vs. Reputable Breeders



                                     DOG BREEDING TO EARLY

Dog breeding too early is one of the worst things a dog breeder can do. Dog breeding too early means breeding a dog that itself is not yet an adult. Thought the dog may be physically mature to have puppies, it is not mentally mature to handle the stress of having a litter of puppies. Most dog breeders wait until their dogs are at least two years old before mating them. If you are a dog breeder thinking of mating your dog with another breeder's dog, make sure that breeder's dog is not too young. In this way you will be able to prevent dog breeding too early.

Though dog breeding too early is not illegal according to animal control or the American Kennel Society, it is consider immoral. In fact, dog breeding too early is considered a type of animal abuse. In addition, even though some dog breeders consider dog breeding too early a positive practice, sometimes a dog may be bred earlier than it is physical mature as well. Though a dog may be able to reproduce, all of its hormones take a while to become fully potent and thus dog breeding too early may cause more genetic mutations in the litter of puppies. If you are buying a full bred puppy from a dog breeder make sure that you do not get a puppy that was created from dog breeding too early. You can ensure this by asking to see the puppy's parents' papers. The papers will state both parents' birthdays and will help you to ensure that both parents are at least two years old. Even if a dog breeder is willing to give you a good deal on a puppy that is the product of dog breeding too early, it would be best if you simply went to another dog breeder. A puppy that is the product of dog breeding too early is much more likely to have a lot of health problems, including hip dysplasia, sight problems, deafness, and even heart conditions.

In additional dog breeding too early is very cruel to the young dogs being forced to breed. By boycotting those breeders that perform dog breeding too early, you will help to shut them down. Remember that full bred dogs who are not the product of dog breeding too early are still more likely to have certain ailments and diseases than mixed breed dogs. It is always important to weigh these possibilities before purchasing a full bred dog. Many mixed breed dogs are waiting in your local pound hoping for a loving home.