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                            World Famous James Bond


Robbie our Amazing High Quality James Bond son is being Retired at 5 years young.  He is a lovely boy, loves other dogs and kids and friendly with all people and never shown any aggression ever in his life. Robbie has however lived a Stud dogs life and been in a kennel so its now his time for play time.  It will be a huge change in his lifestyle he is used to lots of land and property to run on and has not been a house dog so will need work to adjust him to a new lifestyle, it will take a few months for him to readjust to another home.  Serious Inquiry's only,  We don't have any specific homes he should be in just someone with time and at least a fenced in back yard and also he is not to be left alone all day long as he is not used to this also no apartments or condo life for Robbie he has been lucky to have acres to run on. If you meet this Criteria please contact us, we will be asking a small adoption fee of $1000.00.  Robbie is very Healthy and never had any health issues what so ever in his 5 years with us.

He will come with his own 36" Wire Crate, Bedding and things he is used to, he is fully crate trained and never has any accidents.


Fawn Black Mask Retired Male $1000.00 AVAILABLE